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The Life Coaching Institute’stools are uniquely effective at helping its clients achieve what they most want in life.

We subscribe to the fact that Life is a Game and that you have many choices with regard to the type of games that you can play.

Sometimes those choices are good and sometimes they’re not so good. The bad choices are the ones that cause us to lose in life. We’ll do our best to steer you away from those.

One of the primary challenges in the game of life is to find and follow your purpose and align it accordingly with your goals.

There are two services that we deliver:

Foundations of Brilliance – Consulting

How to Achieve the True Measure of Success – Internship

The following dialogue between the Cheshire Cat and Alice from the book “Alice In Wonderland” best exemplifies our company’s purpose.

Alice: “Which way should I go from here?”
Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
Alice:“I don’t much care where so long as I get somewhere.”
Cheshire Cat:“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go as you’ll surely get somewhere.”

Unfortunately this is how it is for most people, organizations and even governments of countries; they don’t have an agreed upon direction to get to where they intend to go.

The Difference Between Success & Failure…

Definition of Success: Getting, achieving or attaining what you want.

Definition of Failure: Not getting, achieving or attaining what you want.

Only you can decide the degree of success you will choose to have. Will it be mediocre, fair, good or great? It is totally up to you! Your degree of success is totally based upon the level of commitment that you are willing to make to your ideals. (No one ever achieved anything of real worth without a high degree of commitment; not Tiger Woods (one of the most successful golfers of all time), Michael Phelps (the most decorated Olympian and highest Olympic Gold Medal Winner of all time), Apple’s Steve Jobs (father of the digital revolution), etc.
The greater the commitment—the greater the demand for the knowledge needed to achieve your goal. This concept is without exception. Example: John Smith decides that he no longer wants to be a mediocre partner and that he no longer wants to be in a condition of doubt regarding his business partnership. He is smart enough to know that this will ultimately lead to a breakup unless he changes. He needs to review and change the level of commitment that he has to the partnership.

One’s commitment has two major components;

correctly knowing what you have to do in order to achieve that which you now want to have.

Knowing what you want to specifically have that you don’t have and

Your level of commitment will drive your demand for knowledge.

A great example of how the above works is Tiger Woods. At the age of only 5 he decided that he was going to be the world’s greatest golfer. This level of commitment was the fuel that he needed to learn everything he could about the game of golf. He learned and then practiced thousands of times what he needed to achieve that goal. The same is true about improving any relationship.

The Life Coaching Institute will help you find and apply the knowledge needed to achieve your endeavor. As a result, you will develop an extraordinary ability to predict the correct amount of effort needed to achieve your objectives.

In the above example of John Smith, this involved the assimilation of a new set of viewpoints found in our “technology of relationships” which helped him bridge the gap between a mediocre associate to that of a great partner. All of the truly great men and women of our times have done it this way: 1) increased commitment, and 2) more knowledge, thus achieving more prediction to reach the desired goal.


This same process of increased commitment and increased knowledge and increased application of the knowledge is what equals success in any endeavor.

Our Mission:

Help you find and follow your purpose in the game of life. To prioritize and align your respective goals with that purpose and then help you stay on track and attain those goals in the time frame of your choosing.

Our Intention:

Help YOU be successful in the area of life that you have your attention on.

Our Two Areas of Expertise:

Personal Success Training and Creating Successful Relationships and Businesses.

We’re Personal Success Trainers and Relationship Experts who can help you achieve what you most want in life. Ben Kugler is known for his ability to inspire through humorous, yet powerful presentations while helping you understand how you can improve your relationships.

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